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Caracol: None of Your Business – Haiti Briefing 75
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One Haitian dollar… One Man’s Total Worldly Wealth
Caracol: None of Your Business (HB75)
Caracol: None of Your Business (HB75)
1.8MB This Briefing analyses the situation at the Caracol Industrial Plant, a $424,000,000 assembly-plant "development" project that has created fewer than 2000 less-than-minimum wage jobs. Production may benefit foreign investors and consumers but it...
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Caracol : c’est pas vos affaires (HB75)
Caracol : c’est pas vos affaires (HB75)
1.75MB Le cumul des échecs : plus grand mais pas mieux ...

Petrol Price Rise Fuels Discontent (HB48)
Petrol Price Rise Fuels Discontent (HB48)
8.82MB In January, the cash-strapped Haitian government bowed to pressure from the International Monetary Fund and withdrew the state subsidy pegging petrol, diesel and kerosene prices at well below the world market rate. The price of vehicle fuel shot...

Long Hot Summer for Aristide (HB47)
Long Hot Summer for Aristide (HB47)
20.51MB The government of Jean-Bertrand Aristide, which came to power with a landslide electoral victory only two years ago, is facing sliding popularity and mounting protest on all fronts. At root of the deepening disillusionment is the continued...

Feeling the Fallout from the attacks on the US (HB44)
Feeling the Fallout from the attacks on the US (HB44)
9.13MB The United States' declaration of a "war on terrorism" following the 11 September attacks was met with some scepticism, if not cynicism, by those familiar with the case of Emmanuel 'Toto' Constant. Haiti's number one terrorist fled to the US in...

Time for the
Time for the 'Politicians' to Step Aside (HB43)
8.35MB Diplomatic missions have come and gone. Eleventh hour meetings have been boycotted; others have been postponed. Shots have been fired, and stones have been thrown. Foreign development aid has been suspended, and dire warnings have been issued....

Solidarity Boosts Union Action (HB40)
Solidarity Boosts Union Action (HB40)
8.38MB After a year-long campaign, the labour union representing some 300 workers at the Marnier-Lapostelle orange plantation in northern Haiti has won wage increases and some improvements in conditions. In late July, the French company that imports...

Unwelcome, Unwanted: Haitian Migrant Workers (HB37)
Unwelcome, Unwanted: Haitian Migrant Workers (HB37)
8.52MB When a boat carrying some 400 Haitians ran aground just two miles off the Florida coast on New Year's Day, the British media had its first Haiti headline story for several years. Haiti 'boat-people' is an old chestnut that is easy to roast and...

Lavalas Splits, Violence Increases (HB23)
Lavalas Splits, Violence Increases (HB23)
9.04MB The 'gran manjè' - literally the big eaters - are the 'fat cats', the corrupt politicians, the government bureaucrats and other Haitians officials who are getting rich off the backs of the poor. The anti-gran manjè theme sponteneously erupted...

Protests Leave Lavalas Shaking (HB22)
Protests Leave Lavalas Shaking (HB22)
8.73MB Roadblocks, demonstrations and strikes - during the month of January generalised discontent was channelled into action in a wave of protests against the government's economic policy. Towards the end of last year there were strikes by shopkeepers,...