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Reporting on working conditions in Haiti

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Subsidizing Starvation
Subsidizing Starvation
Gold Rush in Haiti
Gold Rush in Haiti
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May 1, Labour Day: “Work Yes! Slavery No!”
Ending Intimidation of Textile Workers: Campaign
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Assembly plants are no quick fix after the quake
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Collective Bargaining Contract Signed in Ouanaminthe
Where is the respect for workers’ rights?
Minimum Wage in Haiti Not Enough to Survive
Haiti’s Labour Movement in Renaissance
Wage Slavery (HB21)
Wage Slavery (HB21)
1.61MB Haitian workers in the capital’s assembly plants work in hot, airless, and dimly lit factories sewing gloves, underwear, sports clothes and other garments for the North American market. ...

In the Shadow of the Sweatshop (HB13)
In the Shadow of the Sweatshop (HB13)
8.93MB In the Shadow of the Sweatshop . Also featuring information on Harold Pinter Haiti Exhibition. Haiti is a country laid waste by decades of dictatorship, and years of economic sanctions. There is a desperate need for reconstruction and development,...

Aristide Returns — Mission Accomplished? (HB10)
Aristide Returns — Mission Accomplished? (HB10)
228KB Three years ago, who would have betted on President Aristide returning to Haiti? Let alone with the support of the United States which for decades has helped to keep Duvalierism alive and kicking. But credit for the return of Aristide must...