Haiti Briefings on Crime, Drugs and Security in Haiti

A Full House but Nobody Home (HB42)

Almost one year since elections that returned a Parliament completely dominated by President Aristide’s Lavalas Family Party, the political scene in Haiti continues to waiver

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Fed Up with Violence (HB33)

In Creole, there are many ways to express a dilemma. But these days, most Haitians would probably tell you that they are “caught between two

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Protests Leave Lavalas Shaking (HB22)

Roadblocks, demonstrations and strikes – during the month of January generalised discontent was channelled into action in a wave of protests against the government’s economic

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Piggy in the Middle (HB18)

“The first stage was when the police feared the people. The second stage that we are in now is the police starting to use repression

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Haiti Support Group Updates on Crime, Drugs and Security in Haiti

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