Haiti Briefing (English)

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    Hurricane George – Coup de Grace (HB30)

     146 Download(s) Rain brought by Hurricane George began to fall on the treeless mountainsides of Haiti on September 22. That…

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    US Makes a Mockery of Justice (HB29)

     192 Download(s) In a July interview with the US magazine, Emerge, Emmanuel Constant, the leader of the FRAPH death squad that…

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    Reappraising Vodou (HB28)

     316 Download(s) Vodou, the religion of Haiti, is a major feature of Haitian history, society, culture and identity.

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    Crack Appears in New Police Force (HB27)

     114 Download(s) Drug alert deepens as rocks of crack cocaine are found on sale in Cité Soleil.

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    Morale-Boosting Soccer Triumph (HB26)

     166 Download(s) While the political crisis deepened, with still no Prime Minister and half of the ministers of state also…

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    What a Foul-Up (HB25)

     174 Download(s) In the April elections for nine Senators and 700 seats on new local assemblies only 5% of the registered…

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    Teachers and Pupils Strike (HB 24)

     130 Download(s) School students and teachers from the state education sector took their protests to the street in May. Almost…

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    Lavalas Splits, Violence Increases (HB23)

     200 Download(s) The ‘gran manjè‘ – literally the big eaters – are the ‘fat cats’, the corrupt politicians, the government…

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    Protests Leave Lavalas Shaking (HB22)

     339 Download(s) Roadblocks, demonstrations and strikes – during the month of January generalised discontent was channelled into action in a…

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    Wage Slavery (HB21)

     120 Download(s) Haitian workers in the capital’s assembly plants work in hot, airless, and dimly lit factories sewing gloves, underwear, sports…